Battlechicken’s Challenge

As part of the Newbie Blogger Initative Battlechicken has challenged the bloggers to tell her Why We Do What We Do, preferably in pictures. Here’s a small collection of my characters, the result of 12 years playing MMOs, who is answering the question.

Feliz: I am a yodel bard Sambaugh: Watching your back
Dimo: I heard they had cheese and pimp hats Minsk: Barfights and barmaids! Plintenegger: I’ve got Death Touches
Plinkocommie: Goblins of Azeroth unite! Dimkski: The Lich King is dead
Shamble: Looking into a radiant future Dime: There’s a vision, always was, always will Shambles: I am your father, Feliz


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  1. Quite a collection you have, and nice job! Small world, too–cheese and pimp hats is exactly why I play, too! :-PAnd of course, Glory to the Empire, my friend. 😀
    Ambermist (@battlechicken) recently posted..Why You Do What You Do: Week 2 ChallengeMy Profile

    • Bards and cats, if there’s an option to play either or both, I’ll pick those eventually. Just not the Charr. Can’t wrap my head around horned cats.


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