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My wife and I  just dropped off my stepson at the airport after a weekend that was way to short. Many of the things we’ve been talking about this weekend were about our common interests: online games. He didn’t need me to get him a “Secret World” beta key, since he’s already pretty busy with other games: Diablo 3, Aion, Vindictus and Everquest on the retro servers at Project 1999.  I’ve known him since I met my wife ten years ago. We were all playing Everquest back then. Since then, we’ve been going more or less through the same online games: Everquest 2, Dungeons & Dragons Online, Runes of Magic, Rift and probably some others. Over time we’ve been bouncing game suggestions back and forth between the two of us. His approach to most games is the geek path: Get into it deeply and intensely. Once the last secrets of his preferred classes are explored, it is time to move on.

He his my wife’s oldest son. She got introduced to gaming through his console games, just to do things together with her kids. You know how moms are. However, it took her youngest son to get her to play Everquest. He had asked for it as a Christmas present and played it passionately over winter break. It took only three month until they got a second account and a second computer. They actually ended up with a total of four computers and four accounts over time, with the oldest son dualboxing. My wife now plays World of Warcraft, with occasional dips into EQ2, Rift or SWTOR, but she returns to WOW when I get bored with the new game I dragged her into. She favorites healers, but by now with all that time spent on WOW, she’s played all classes but hasn’t raided with rogues, hunters or warriors.

My youngest stepson plays mostly WOW with his friends on a pvp server. Ever being the social type, he gets involved into groups and instances quickly and raids frequently. There have been forays into other games like Rift, but he returns usually to WOW as well.

As for myself, there’s been told a lot about me already on this blog. But let me assure you, it is certainly great to have a family that is as involved into gaming as I am. There’s no need to justify extended play times or the frequency of gaming sessions. We are also our own support group to deal with raid or loot disappointments, or to ask the other to remind you when you crossed your own playtime limits. As a stepfather, it was also a great way to bond with my newly found family and as already said, it is still our common interest.

However, we do have a black sheep in the family. The middle child, the stepdaughter, never got into computer games, but went out to safe the world, one drug addict at a time. We occasionally get some flak from her about our gaming, but it hasn’t exceeded a groan here or there. She even tolerated a WOW playing boyfriend for a while and the breakup didn’t have anything to do with the game.

Okay, that’s four gamers in the family. What’s your situation?

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  1. I met my wife-to-be in EQ2. She joined my guild and we quickly became best friends. Things kept moving from there, and now we are engaged, living together, and gaming together at every opportunity!

    My brother is a pretty big gamer too, but he prefers consoles over computers so we don’t game together a whole lot. Sadly neither of my parents play games, and they give me grief about being a gamer on a pretty regular basis.

    When I started playing EQ2 I picked my server completely at random. Some times I wonder what my life would be like right now if I had decided on one of the other available servers…
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  2. How can they give you grief if you found their daughter in law that way? Sometimes you just can’t get it right 🙂

  3. That was cute. I like when a post makes me smile :)I have a gamer family too! Well, it is just me and my husband so far, and a sister and step brother, and right now nobody plays the same game, but weI met my husband while playing WoW. It was crazy! It all ended well, though I had to move from Brazil to US. Like Killington said… my life would be completely different if I had picked a different server, or hobby, or guild. Or as my husband always says “thank you for learning english” lol
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    • Nice! Welcome to the club. I know what a long distance relationship looks like. I did rack up some frequent flyer miles traveling from the west to the east coast while we were dating.

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