Madame Rogêt: The Vision [Spoiler]

The VisionMadame Rogêt is the local floozy, who’s also a fortune teller. Of course, her occupation doesn’t make her a well liked person in town. When the fog arrived she heard the voice calling her to the sea, but she was tied to the bed in handcuffs. Her visitor, the mayor wasn’t as lucky and followed the call “In his boxers. With the keys to the handcuffs”. She’s having visions ever since. Here’s the one she asks you to help her resolving it.

Find the locations of five of Madame Rogêt’s visions.

Tier 1.
Her first vision says: On the tip of the pyramid, your path shall be revealed.


Look at the SE sector of your map.
Tier 2.
The second vision: Shadows, long shadows from the old boughs of the fairy forest, the flickering lights of the foolish fire guiding your path. “Come, come!” they beckon.


There’s something that fits the description in the SW sector of the map: A gnarly old tree with long shadows in the Wispwoods.
Tier 3.
Madame Rogêt’s next vision: There’s bees, the incessant buzzing of bees, and flowers – flowers blooming out of season – to mark the path ahead.


You did pass a small swarm of bees when you entered the zone.
Tier 4.
This is the fourth vision: I see an angel, guarding hallowed ground, sword in hand to ward off evil and guide the way.


Have you seen the local graveyard, yet? There’s a statue in it’s center. In case you forgot, the graveyard is right behind the church.
Tier 5.
The final vision: The cold, dead eyes of the innocent stare at you from the gallows, their blank gaze a mirror to the past… and the future.


There are a few clues around for this location plus some historic knowledge: The condemned of the time were often hanged from bridges.  There’s actually a bridge north of town  with a plaque calling it the Hangman’s Bridge. Should you have crossed that bridge while dead, you would have seen some condemned hanging there, as well as a spooking ghost.
Tier 6.
Find and destroy the source of darkness.


Run halfway onto the bridge and kill a ghost who’ll attack you.

As an aside, in Madame Rogêt’s room, you’ll also find the quest “The Occultist’s Cookbook”, which will give you a very quick into into tradeskills.

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