The Newbie Blogger Initative. I am in.

The “Newbie Blogger Initiative” has been started today by Syp on his Bio Break Blog. Throughout the month of May, a group of well established sponsor blogs will help us upstarts with tips and tricks. Of course this will also generate additional traffic on all the blogs involved, giving everybody the chance to become part of the community.

I signed up as a newbie, since I feel I have still lots to learn and this initiative is a great chance to pick up a lot more knowledge. I know I can contribute as well, talking about my experience at the start and my html, php and WordPress skills. I’ve put a lot of thought into my setup to gather news and how to stay informed about the goings-on in the MMO blogosphere. I’ll summarize that in some post down the road, hoping to get more opinions on it and some help on taming the beast that is social media .

For more info about the Newbie Blogger Initiative have a look at their headquarters.

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