The Secret World has Launched Successfully

Dragon TSWSince yesterday noon EST “The Secret World” is life with its Early Access program. Things look very stable with a few kinks in the system still. But those don’t diminish an overall successful launch. It’s something Funcom needed, to improve their track record. No small feat considering the state of the game just one week before. The developers have been very busy last week, patching the game sometimes twice a day on the closed beta servers. It’s been fun watching the developers doing their job and be successful at it.

Another great thing about the game is the noise on the web forum: There is none. Not much whining or cursing at Funcom. No comparsions to WOW. The only people complaining about downtime or missing access were two players who had a power outage in their home and were offline for 6+ hours. Okay, there was one rage quitter. But that was a fun thread from 2010 who got bumped just in time for its entertainment value. Looks like this is going to be a great community.

I’ve been working on my Dragon “Shamble” in the Grim dimension since noon yesterday. There is only a single server worldwide, divided into a couple of “dimensions” to separate play style and languages. There are dedicated dimensions for French and German and one dimension is dedicated to role play. Players have assigned other dimensions as PVP, EU, AUS/NZ and casual, but I don’t expect this division to stand for to long. Players can group and form cabals (guilds) across dimensions anyway. The only place where the dimension matters is the PVP score boards and the resulting buffs for the winning factions.

I am looking forward to playing this game for a long time. I love the puzzles, the skill system is very interesting and the writing and the overall atmosphere is just fantastic. Expect to hear more about it in this spot.

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  1. The quests are good. Other than a few go to A, kill 10 B and return of course. They even included a tower defense type quest at the junkyard. The puzzles really attract me to the game.

    • Yeah. I couldn’t agree more. However, knowing myself to well, I fear I’ll grow impatient with the puzzles fast. I’m rather quick going for google. But that’s only the puzzles themselves. There’s still the storyline and there’s no doubt I’ll have my fun with it. Even if it is a fake New England accent, I love hearing it, because my wife’s is a New Englander.

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