SWTOR Classes for the Undecided, Part 1

I have been playing Star Wars for almost 2 weeks now and managed just yesterday for one of my characters to turn level 19. At first sight, that’s not much of an accomplishment, but if you continue reading, understandable.

You see, the Star Wars MMO has 4 classes on each side of the war to pick from. That makes 8 origin stories in 4 distinct areas. And that’s not even adding in the advanced classes. Those 8 origin stories want to be explored and the class mechanics want to be tested. Until I can finally settle into one and say: That’s it, that’s the one. I got close last night when my Jedi Sentinel turned 19, but then I rolled a Chiss Imperial Agent and had lots of fun with him. And that’s what happened since start: Play a class for a while, get bored or annoyed with the mechanics or just think the next class might be even more fun.


Part of the problem are those 8 origin stories, one for each class/faction combo. Two classes share the same starting planet which therefore adds 4 more sets of local quests, which add atmosphere and local color to the class quests. The class quests lead you to level 10 and introduce your first companion to you as well as your first customizable class weapon like the light saber. Each starting planet has between 1 and 4 heroic quest areas or instances.

After that, you are sent to your capital planet with a stopover at the fleet. There, you decide what advanced class you pick and what crew skills to choose. You also have the option to run your first flashpoint group instance.

The story and quest lines for each specific class continue on the capital planets for each faction. And again, local quests are shared between the classes for added color. The class quest lines come in 3 consecutive sets, each leading to a different area of the planet and each leading to 1-3 heroic local quests. Once that is done, you’ll own a star ship. My jedi knight got his from a general who needs help, and other classes will find ways to get a star ship as well.

Once aboard the star ship, you are introduced to space battles which start around level 20. Your storyline continues on 2 more planets, with quests starting at level 18 for one planet and level 20 for the other. Here’s where my experience ends for now.

I will follow up with more info on the story lines and more details on the class mechanics, which will ultimately make me pick my class. Perhaps.

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