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Aaah, EQ2flames. Where the children run wild, but the adults usually win. It’s a very interesting site. A web forum which is not controlled by SOE and has a very liberal policy regarding its content. As the name says, flames are fine, but there are a couple of common sense rules to keep the children in check. And guess what, the site works.

Nonetheless, people vent, have to blow steam, but only the truly socially inepts expose themselves. What remains is usually decent material.

And to top it all off, they have great guides, mostly in their class section. We will be addressing those separately in stand alone posts. Other notable sections:

  • An active guild recruitment and looking for guild section
  • The flames core “Center Stage”  section
  • Very active class sections
  • Active server forum

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Fallen Earth. INFO

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FallenEarth.INFO aims high by wanting to become the #1 Fallen Earth fan and information site, which is entirely possible. The look and feel of the site is inviting and the concept promising. However, an effort like this site requires a lot of help and acceptance from the community. Lets hope this will materialize.




What’s there or planned:

  • Newbie Information Galore
  • Sector Information
  • A Wiki
  • A PVP section
  • A Clan Directory: looking for clan and looking for members
  • Event Calendar and Listing
  • Forum
  • 2000 seats Mumble Server
Here’s the link: http://www.fallenearth.info/

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Badland Radio

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DJ Drama operates Badland Radio, a Online Radio station for Fallen Earth players. Can’t go without music as you make your way through the waste land that is Fallen Earth. DJ Perv hosts a daily European show and DJ Drama follows with a US show. Besides the radio station, he offers a social network, events and the notorious downtime show.


Of course there’s a web forum and blogs and the info database can be accessed through a chat bot. Have a look here: http://wastelanderradio.com/

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