Zombie Apocalypse Survival Tip: Mountain Bikes Rock

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Last week I touched on travel and several important reminders on who and how to travel. This week I pose a question; What is the best mode of transportation during a worldwide epic crisis, such as a zombie apocalypse? Here’s a hint; the motor is you. That’s right, a bicycle. More specifically a hybrid or mountain bike. You do NOT want a road bike because you might not always have the luxury of having a road to ride it on. A hybrid bike will have a little slip off road and the mountain bike will have a little drag on well paved roads. The street (or road / speed) bike are almost unusable off road, thus why it’s a bad choice for even short travel. Bipedal locomotion is always a good alternative, but for speed and distance a good well maintained bike will save the day. But why no motorcycles or cars… maybe an ATV? Unless it’s 100% solar powered and silent I’d suggest thinking about where you’d get the gas or the amount of noise you’d make attracting every hungry mouth within listening distance. Under different circumstances one of those might make more sense for the short term, but ALWAYS bring at least 1 or 2 bikes with you unless the trip is short enough to walk… then walk.


Photo by: Ktos

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Zombie Apocalypse Survival Tip: Plan Ahead when Travelling

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In this article I wanted to give a simple but important tip. Scouting and scavenging are always a must in the new undead world you live in. Two general rules to follow if you must travel at all.

One; NEVER travel alone. Unless you have to or it’s the only way to accomplish an extremely important and necessary goal, it’s always a good idea to travel in groups of 2 to 4 people. Having someone there to watch your back and help keep an ear out for more threats is always a good thing to have. However, pro-tip, learn to communicate visually instead of orally. Sign language or basic predetermined gestures are recommended prior to heading out with a scouter.

Two; NEVER travel at night. As a visual dependant species we rely more highly on our vision than anything else. Why compromise something that they might not even use as much as we do. Again, only if there’s no other way, travel only during daylight and hide at night (or get back to camp befor night fall). In both situations all you’re doing is giving your opponents the upper hand and that is never a good thing in a life and death situations.


Photo by: Digital Sextant

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Zombie Survival Tip: Stay Above the Fray

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By Björn SöderqvistA while ago, I mentioned “safe climb areas”. These are things at or above chest level that are easily scalable in a hurry when being chased by a few Zombie strays. It’s always better to attack them quickly if spotted rather than running because the moans will attract a lot more, but if you have to flee being 4+ feet off the ground will give you a HUGE advantage to not just killing, but also vision to see what’s on the way. Tip; ALWAYS climb and check first. Then venture off, it should be a place to come back to IF the need arises, not something you run to when it does and “hope” you don’t fall through the unstable shed roof just to be trapped inside like a can-o-Campbell’s soup waiting to be popped open. (Again, careful planning.)



Photo by: Björn Söderqvist

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Zombie Survival Tip: Car Alarm

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This weeks zombie survival tip is brought to you by the The Secret WorldDon't jump on cars

Don’t jump on cars. It’s a simple rule. Don’t lean on them. Don’t sit on them. There might be only a one in five chance that the car actually has an alarm system and an even smaller chance that it is activated, but why take chances? One active alert in ten is enough and you’ll have a horde of zombies coming to look what the noise is about. And they will find you instead. Two or three years down the road, you might be able to get away with it, if the last smidgen of power has drained from the batteries, but you may still test it in a lab first.

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Zombie Survival Tip: Gun Use

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Photo: Wickenden

Knowing how to use and having a gun is important, but remember; A single shot can be heard from upwards to 5 miles away (depending on gun and area). You don’t want 5 miles worth of zombies coming to a dinner bell. Hand held weapons and silent projectiles are key for a quick and quiet kill.

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Zombie Survival Tip: Outsmart them

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Zombie Survival Tips

Photo by: Sahlgoode

One of the biggest advantages you’ll have over your new found Zombie problem besides coordination and speed is the ability to plan your next move and have a contingency plan if things go wrong. Use these to your advantage. A simple start is always knowing your exits, quick climb areas and safe rest areas. Remember nowhere is safe, just “safer” and higher up is always better then hiding on the ground. A zombie might not see you hiding in the cupboard taking a nap, but he might stumble upon a tasty, napping treat.

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