Zombie Survival Tip

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Zombie Apocalypse
There are numerous forms of viral transmission and no one can predict where the infection will come from. If CDC has yet to declare its transmission type remember the basics. Do not come in contact with any fluids from a zombie. Make sure to cover ALL mucus and salivary ducts while handling a zombie threat. A clean finishing blow on the last zombie can really be a downer if even the slightest drop of their blood gets in your eye. If you can’t get your hands on any military grade equipment, paint ball masks and basic gardening (or rubber wash gloves) make for a much safer kill.

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Zombie Apocalypse Survival Tip: Save the Yellow Pages

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Remember that big plastic bag on your front steps containing the white pages directory and two volumes of yellow pages? The bag you usually carry over right to your trash or recycling bin? Save them, and replace them at least once a year. There won’t be any internet with zombies having taken over the local power station. And there will be more zombies than usual working for your cell phone company. You will need the good old paper version to look up the location of the nearest gun shop, weapon- or blacksmith.

Speaking of blacksmithing: Do you know where you can find the nearest forge? How to build your own? What fuel to use? Do you have any idea how to forge a shovel or a pickaxe? No? I suggest you go to Wikipedia and print out the article on Blacksmithing. Now ! Thank me later.


So I bought the season 1 DVD set of “The Walking Dead” and watched it over Easter Sunday. Nice show to watch while you are preparing your dinner. And there’s my step son who’s producing Zombie Apocalypse survival tips on a weekly basis.

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