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Stuff I ran across while trolling the internets.


Originally Posted by Georg Zoeller, Lead Designer SWTOR

Disclaimer: When I state ‘we changed X’, it does not preclude changes to Y and Z. I did not say ‘we did not change Y and Z’ but neither did I say ‘we changed Y and Z’. I merely made a singular statement about X, which is not to be constructed as a statement about Y or Z. Even though I just said ‘we changed X’, the statistical probability for the immediate appearance of threads decrying the lack of change to Y and Z has significantly increased by this statement about X. This puzzling effect is why the first rule of partial class balance discussion is that you do not discuss partial class balance.


Originally Posted by Zatozia, Community Manager Vanguard SOH

Unfortunately, when hamsters slack off on the job it does cause more downtime than normal.


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Writing a short article about an MMO is a bit like to trying to squeeze a fully grown rhinoceros into Catherine Zeta-Jones’s catsuit. You may get it in there, but no one is going to appreciate the outcome.