About This Site

I love online games. Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games. And I’ve seen a good number of them. And I am still looking for more.

What will I be writing about?

  • My adventures while playing an MMO
  • My opinion about certain MMOs
  • My opinion about MMOs in general
  • News and articles I stumble upon while trolling the internet
  • The occasional guide, either by myself, or a link to other guides
  • Events around the blog, changes and about the blogging experience in general

I am an experienced Software engineer, currently studying how to work with the WordPress CMS. This blog is supposed to support my efforts to get a WordPress Design business started.

Why are there cats all over this place?

My main character in Everquest, the first MMO I was playing, was a Vah Shir bard named Feliz. I guess he’s taken over by now.