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Cool Places in Fallen Earth

Posted by on Dec 6, 2011 in Current Games, Fallen Earth | 0 comments

At first sight, the Fallen Earth graphics have of course this bleached, post-apocalyptic look. Which may use different colors, but doesn’t change the visuals of the landscape or the beauty of a sunset. User “Slaphammer” talks about the Cool Places in Fallen Earth and others follow with more.

I started playing FE not too long ago…at first it seemed weird and offputting, but once I got past the initial hump, I started having a lot of fun with it. I ended up subscribing. I’m now level 10 and I’ve traced a winding path from South Burb through a bunch of towns, now doing quests in Lineman.

I’m a setting explorer at heart, and I’ve started to get worried that there aren’t really very many “cool places” to discover. I was starting to think that all the towns look mostly the same, but then I went to Boneclaw and Oilville, both of which are a bit more unique. Also, from Lineman I can see this big fortress on top of a mesa, that seems like it might qualify as a “cool place” — although I wonder if it might be only for group quests. I do think that there are interesting quests in all the towns I’ve been to, but I haven’t stumbled across much where I thought, “whoa, this area is cool!” as I wandered through. 

Grabbing one of the pictures in the thread:

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