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EQ2interface.com hosts UI mods, skins and addons. The site has been around since release and is a spinoff of EQinterface.com. It is the prime resource for mod & interface authors and the download and information hub for users.


The most prominent project is EQ2MAP, a full set of maps with user maintained waypoints exceeding the waypoints that come with the standard EQ interface by far. It comes with an automatic map updater. Expect a separate entry for EQ2MAP.


Among the fully featured UI’s, ProfitUI is used most frequently and well maintained. There are other UIs like Fetish, eXtreme and Drums.


UI compilations, which might not complete rebuilds of the existing UI, Skins, which just change looks and interface pieces like Autoattack timers are available as well.



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SWTOR: New User Guide

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Star Wars: The Old Republic has a great new user guide up on their main website at http://www.swtor.com/info/newplayerguide. It’s a pretty good introduction how to get started with the game. It is certainly directed toward the newcomer into MMORPGs, but the information presented is compact and gives the experienced player a quick rundown of the games features, races and classes.  It also has some short chapters on the game’s more innovative features like companions, interaction with NPCs, flashpoint missions, crew skills and space combat.


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Aaah, EQ2flames. Where the children run wild, but the adults usually win. It’s a very interesting site. A web forum which is not controlled by SOE and has a very liberal policy regarding its content. As the name says, flames are fine, but there are a couple of common sense rules to keep the children in check. And guess what, the site works.

Nonetheless, people vent, have to blow steam, but only the truly socially inepts expose themselves. What remains is usually decent material.

And to top it all off, they have great guides, mostly in their class section. We will be addressing those separately in stand alone posts. Other notable sections:

  • An active guild recruitment and looking for guild section
  • The flames core “Center Stage”  section
  • Very active class sections
  • Active server forum

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EQ2i, The Everquest II Wiki

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EQ2i is a major resource for every EQ2 player. Guides and articles span many subjects from achievements to zone descriptions. The information find in the articles is generally very good and accurate. The wiki is approaching 60,000 articles with daily additions and updates.


Of note are the quest guides which organized in timelines, a collection of quest sequences, usually describing a single zone, but also Heritage or Epic quest. Most often used is the Solo timeline, guiding through quests from level 1 to 90. Another significant timeline is the Dungeon timeline.

Additionally, there are zone, monster and class guides as well as tradeskill, spell and equipment guides.

The wiki is hosted by http://wikia.com, a host of so many game related wikis. Here’s the link to the EQ2i main page: http://eq2.wikia.com/wiki/EverQuest_2_Wiki:Main_Page


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Introduction to Builds

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Fallen Earth is an MMORPG without classes. As such, it is completely left to the player how he wants to build his character. But so much freedom creates problems because there are so many choices and so many chances to create a mess. The Fallen Earth Dev Blog gives us some help how to approach the problem: Build Advice

Here are some important facts for characters in Fallen Earth. A character is primarily defined by his skills, with mutations being specialized skills. Character stats are almost exclusively used to modify the maximum values a skill can take, and therefore describing a characters theoretical limits. At certain skill levels, abilities open up for the character, like “Resuscitation 1” at skill level 39 in First Aid.

What play styles are there for a Fallen Earth character? Melee and Ranged Damage, Defense/Tank, Crafting, Command/Support, Healing, Crafting and Social. A pure mutant character might be theoretically possible, but it would be extremely difficult to level, and there are many issues to balance.

Here are some resources to work on your build:

Skills Database v1.9.2 (Google Doc)
Skills Database v1.9.2 & Character Builder v1.0 (Excel)

And a discussion threat for the Skills Database here

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Sector 2 AP quest waypoints

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This is a list of quest givers whose quest chains will result in 1 or 2 bonus AP, similar to the Sector 1 AP quest waypoints list.

This list originates from a post at GlobalTech Atlas, only slightly formatted to fit your screen. I have also started to verify the information therein. Please let me know if you find any problems with this list.

To use the list, open you characters .ini file at: {your install directory}SettingsUser(your-character-name}.ini. Highlight and copy this list and paste it at the end of the .ini file. Make sure you don’t have any other WAYPOINT entries in your .ini file. If you do, correct the number scheme accordingly. Once in game, you can open up your waypoints with Alt-P, highlight one of them and follow the yellow X.

Last Changes:
12/04/11 added SC Union Rep, need to take Doctors meds to become available.

WAYPOINT_0=BA Daniel Barret,4353328,5320153,182127
WAYPOINT_1=BA Nigel Verence,4352640,5320698,181736
WAYPOINT_2=BA Graham 807,4264052,5270223,181077
WAYPOINT_3=BL Jackson Sims,4871995,5756482,180525
WAYPOINT_4=BL Roderiga Serling,4897496,5750669,180500
WAYPOINT_5=BL Frida Blaine,4908229,5776371,180517
WAYPOINT_6=BL Major McGinley,4907728,5791456,180517
WAYPOINT_7=BL Slunk,4865478,5755517,180497
WAYPOINT_8=BL Phillip and Kitty Stone,5250608,5076042,181390
WAYPOINT_9=BL Felix Lasgow,5254438,5083207,181426
WAYPOINT_10=DV Charlotte Kerny,4010092,5108246,184555
WAYPOINT_11=DV Rhonda Billingsley,3995086,5110266,184995
WAYPOINT_12=DV Moira Hudson,3994026,5111257,184997
WAYPOINT_13=KR Ralph Avery,5750082,5709079,188385
WAYPOINT_14=KR Jay Westerly,5753415,5695990,187380
WAYPOINT_15=KR Bob Culp,5753354,5697373,186938
WAYPOINT_16=KR Thomas Algood and Journal,5755458,5696308,187380
WAYPOINT_17=KR Box Cutter McCall,5757309,5700015,188243
WAYPOINT_18=KR Bank Officer Winship,5750219,5698365,188250
WAYPOINT_19=LS Ben Carson,4106799,5542638,185862
WAYPOINT_20=NF Britt Kanjorsky,4480662,5524148,183436
WAYPOINT_21=NF Freedom Newspaper,4482796,5522923,183423
WAYPOINT_22=NF Elena Winters,4426254,5535471,183423
WAYPOINT_24=NF Cruikshank,4429035,5530918,183423
WAYPOINT_25=NF Shackleton Endurance,4462912,5543108,183423
WAYPOINT_26=CB Thumbs Valora,4686639,5462313,182886
WAYPOINT_27=CB Paul Moldovan,4666002,5459580,183387
WAYPOINT_28=CB Karol Steinmetz,4671150,5462771,182947
WAYPOINT_29=CB Malachai Portman,4677790,5456728,182894
WAYPOINT_30=CB Bruce Fenwood,4665218,5459512,182899
WAYPOINT_31=CB Arial Screed,4683006,5458161,182894
WAYPOINT_32=CB Brickhand,4660926,5466773,182903
WAYPOINT_33=CB Adrian Lazar,4675811,5467998,182894
WAYPOINT_34=HV Sister Ziri,4511124,5185409,183705
WAYPOINT_35=HV Wei Zhu,4522181,5161834,183650
WAYPOINT_36=HV Hank Jennings,4508863,5151185,183533
WAYPOINT_37=HV Brother Isaac,4511237,5154043,183532
WAYPOINT_38=PR Slider Bill,4508151,5400874,180302
WAYPOINT_39=PR Jesus Batista,4490628,5378284,177890
WAYPOINT_40=PR Willem Gutierrez,4479829,5381974,178089
WAYPOINT_41=PR Javier Huerta,4476126,5380097,178089
WAYPOINT_42=PR Patricia Wang,4477407,5375809,178089
WAYPOINT_43=PR Abdalla Sadr,4481440,5375254,178089
WAYPOINT_44=PR Derek Holman,4487178,5377674,180594
WAYPOINT_45=23 Sheriff Hank Yates,4519235,5299215,184425
WAYPOINT_46=23 Natasha Fuller,4516034,5301445,183419
WAYPOINT_47=23 Chun Kwong,4511829,5298919,182947
WAYPOINT_48=23 Tripline,4517537,5285291,183017
WAYPOINT_49=23 Bearer Victor,4519803,5282275,182977
WAYPOINT_50=23 Hans Iller,4524886,5297403,183067
WAYPOINT_51=TB Matthew Hudson,4937798,5157181,181810
WAYPOINT_52=TB Soleil Sunrunner,4897430,5144014,181631
WAYPOINT_53=TB Constance Silsmore,4889222,5136889,181408
WAYPOINT_54=TB Iriana Dupree,4884056,5140299,181551
WAYPOINT_55=TB Craig Trevors,4885286,5153073,181550
WAYPOINT_56=HO Ellie Reinecker Bug Farm Corn ,5041425,5631896,180279
WAYPOINT_57=PH Wade VanHorn,5032207,5775747,180851
WAYPOINT_58=PH Mark Mills,5033144,5779854,180787
WAYPOINT_59=SH Jeremiah Underhill,4272954,5175588,181675
WAYPOINT_60=SC Ian Needles,4533923,4988965,183949
WAYPOINT_61=SC The Doctor,4545018,5000498,183800
WAYPOINT_62=SC Corrine Bruce,4543537,4992245,183783
WAYPOINT_63=SC Union Spokesperson,4544377,5000683,183810

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