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Fallen Earth is an MMORPG without classes. As such, it is completely left to the player how he wants to build his character. But so much freedom creates problems because there are so many choices and so many chances to create a mess. The Fallen Earth Dev Blog gives us some help how to approach the problem: Build Advice

Here are some important facts for characters in Fallen Earth. A character is primarily defined by his skills, with mutations being specialized skills. Character stats are almost exclusively used to modify the maximum values a skill can take, and therefore describing a characters theoretical limits. At certain skill levels, abilities open up for the character, like “Resuscitation 1” at skill level 39 in First Aid.

What play styles are there for a Fallen Earth character? Melee and Ranged Damage, Defense/Tank, Crafting, Command/Support, Healing, Crafting and Social. A pure mutant character might be theoretically possible, but it would be extremely difficult to level, and there are many issues to balance.

Here are some resources to work on your build:

Skills Database v1.9.2 (Google Doc)
Skills Database v1.9.2 & Character Builder v1.0 (Excel)

And a discussion threat for the Skills Database here

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