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This blog has gone through some changes in its appearance since I started it, somehow indicating its change in content. So why stop now? I am an able programmer, know the basics and some of the inner workings of WordPress and I am having fun working with web site designs and layouts. Oh, and it might get a business started, or at least it might get me a job.

I am not much of an artist or graphics designer, but it’s fascinating anyway. Ever since I joined Google+ and saw their changing layout, I’ve been trying to recreate the style, but wasn’t very successful. Look at this website for my first attempt: http://cooklikeaguy.com/. It’s all white, and that’s about it. But now more and more sites have popped up using and improving the theme, Guildwars 2 among them. The style is called “Minimalist” which strives to reduce a design to only elements that are needed for the object to function. Among the websites on my blogroll, Milady’s Hypercriticism has a perfect Minimalist design. I’ve been looking at the layout of that website with envy ever since I noticed it. Of course, I have been staring even more intense at that web page over the past weekend when I finally made up my mind about a new layout.

I’ve been experimenting with various WordPress themes over time, some of them premium themes (Gabfire Themes, Elegant Themes), and some of them free like Arras and Suffusion. I wasn’t much of a friend of Elegant Themes, since they don’t handle ads in a way I like it. But the more I looked at their Aggregate and Minimal themes the more I wanted to use them, until I finally caved in and added my own coding to support ads. I also made some other changes while I was at it.

What you see here now is the result of a couple of hours work this weekend. I have a few more things to change and move around, but the basic layout is there already. Hope you’ll like it.


  1. Hi! WordPress redirected me here. Wow, I would have never thought that the design was anything special, and I definitely do not claim to be a expert on html and fancy sites. I just picked up a template from a website. I’ll leave it here to you in case you find it useful, and good luck with your designing endeavours 🙂


    • Hehe, perhaps not special, but certainly ahead of the pack. As like all fashion trends, they get adopted slowly, but in ever increasing numbers, before they get replaced by the next trend.
      Thanks for the theme link. Or maybe not. I’ve been playing around with the demo for a bit and like what I am seeing even more.

  2. Minimalist, white blog styles all the way for me!
    I keep looking at new ones, but I always go back to what I have. if only blogger had the same functions as WP!

    and I like your new look! 🙂

    • Shouldn’t blogspot get some love from Google? Hard to imagine that they’d be treating Blogspot like their step-child.

      (Note to self: the light grey font in the comment box stinks.)

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