Friday is Link Love Day

It is a frequent occurrence, that our fellow bloggers publish a weekly wrap up about things that happened the past week, things they have read or stuff that’s still on some notepad and never grew into a blog post. Here’s my first one.

What happened last week?

  • Syp’s of Bio Break started the Newbie Blogger Initiative with great success. Right now 75 sponsor blogs and 60 newbie blogs are part of it. I played it safe and signed up on both sides 🙂
  • I got my Adsense back, without any explanation from Google and a “reboot or power cycle” kind of response to my trouble ticket.
  • Elder Scrolls Online got announced. Lots of things written about it throughout the blogosphere.My only concern: If they can’t provide a PC style interface and insist on console type controls, I won’t look no further. Channeling Roger Murtaugh. “I am to old for this sh*t”
  • My wife got Beta access to Mists of Pandaria. I’ll have a peek or two.

Things I read elsewhere

What’s left on my notepad?

  • Make a To Do list. ✔
  • Check off the first thing on the To Do list. ✔
  • Realize you have completed two  three things. ✔
  • Reward yourself (in progress)

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