Guildwars 2 Beta Signup Twitter Storm

Only 3 hours left to signup for Guildwars 2 beta. A small twitter storm has broken out with people and @Guildwars2 tweeting and retweeting beta notices in all languages from Latvian to Klingon. It leaves me wondering if this is going to be the biggest beta flood in MMO history. SWTOR and Rift seemed more stretched out over time. And I don’t recall to much about the WOW beta signup phase.

In any case, this game is highly anticipated, lots has been written about it already and hopefully we get to see more of it soon.

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  1. They will answer questions in about 5 minutes with a new AMA here

    Though ~Regina Buenaobra (Community Manager, ArenaNet), already announced they require tens of thousands of players to test the PvP aka WvW (World vs World) .

    This is huge!

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