The Kingsmouth Code [Spoiler]

The Kingsmouth CodeReverend Henry Hawthorne claims to be a hobbyist member of the Illuminati, if there is such a thing. He has done research on the internet and found secret codes leading him to message boards, hidden from Google. He’s a frequent poster there. He asks you to follow the signs of the Illuminati and to decipher the Kingsmouth code. God bless the internet. Knowledge is power, especially with Google on your side.

“The Kingsmouth Code” is another investigation mission that starts at the Congregational Church of Kingsmouth. (Spoilers are in orange on orange print, highlight with your cursor to read them)

Tier 1.
Follow the Illuminati symbols

Hint 1

There’s a manhole cover just in front of the church. take note of the inscription.

Hint 2

If you run a straight line in the direction of the tip of the pyramid, you’ll find a plague on the ground behind a shack in the harbor, near the anchor spot of the Lady Margaret.
Tier 2.
Find the location referenced in the message


Not to many locations of power in this small town. Try City Hall. There are pictures on the wall, one of them the navigator
Tier 3.
Find the next hidden location.

Hint 1

In City Hall you’ll find numerous paintings on the wall, some with messages on their back. Most of them will send you to pretty obvious places within town, like the gas station or the fire station. Try to find the right painting before you touch any, otherwise you’ll actually have to visit these places before you are given another chance to look at a painting.

Hint 2

One of them is “The Navigator” by Frans Hals. There is an inscription that talks about time, Kings and God. Check the clock above the doorway.
Tier 4.
Use the computer.

Hint 1

During the cut scene for this mission, Solomon Priest was mentioned. Behind his home you’ll find the entry to a cellar, protected by a keypad.

Hint 2

The keycode comes from the book of Kings 10:10, 120 talents of gold…

Hint 3

Enter the basement and use the computer. The password is the Illuminati motto: Lux Omnia Vincit. You saw it at the first manhole cover
Tier 5.
Collect the artifacts.


No secrets here. You are done.

And remember to heed Reverend Hawthorne’s advice: Google’s on your side.

Edit: found a clearer source for the keycode

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