Men in Black Vans [Spoiler]

Men in Black VansDanny Dufresne is the archetypical adolescent skater boy paranoid geek. A lot of things have been happening since the fog moved into town. He had hoped the men in black vans had come to Kingsmouth to help the locals. But it turns out they have very much their own agenda. He’s flying his camera equipped RC planes through the area for surveillance. He might be right. Help him to understand what’s going on.

Tier 1.
The men made a suspicious arrival in black vans. Search the van parked north of the skate park.


Not much of a spoiler here. There’s a marker leading you to the van.
Tier 2.
You find the remains of the van’s occupants sprawled across the nearby beach right in the middle of a cluster of draug pods. There’s an active laptop uplink in their van. Try to get access.

Hint 1

The password hint on the laptop is: My wife. Search the nearby corpses and find the ID of one of the employees: Kitsuna Hayabusa, ID 168 8490.

Hint 2

The batch has a web address on it. A wrong address. Not, but Using the employee finder will reveal his wife’s name: Sally
Tier 3.
The message on the laptop states to not leave any occult technology behind in the field. Use the tracking device to find the technology.

Hint 1

You’ll find a smaller device next to the laptop. That’s your tracking device. Use it and let the pulse guide you to the Occult Attractor.

Hint 2

For the impatient: There’s a water inlet straight east of the van, that’s where you’ll find it.
Tier 4.
The attractor has been dragged into the low tidal waters and does what it’s supposed to do: attracting occult creatures. Deactivate it, following the procedure described on the laptop.

Hint 1

Men in Black Vans

  1. Engage PK Pulse Unit
  2. Affix Manifest Agitator to PK Pulse Unit
  3. Affix Etheric Transponder Antenna to Manifest Agitator
  4. Assume minimum save distance before power up.
  5. Disassemble in reverse order to avoid etheric spikes and possible unwanted attention.

Completing Step 3 will give you an update about the device being active and asking you now to deactivate it.

Hint 2

Do so by repeating step 3, then step 2.

A recommendation for this tier: If there are multiple people trying to solve this mission at once, group up, or make at least sure, that only one player operate the attractor at a time.

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