NBI by the Numbers

Since we are halfway through the month of May and the Newbie Blogger Inititative, here are a couple of numbers I could collect around the event and its influence to my blog and my blogging environment. If you end up comparing these numbers to your own blog you need to  consider a few factors:

  • Your blogging frequency
  • Your activity on social media
  • How well established is your blog at the search engines

In short, this is just a glimpse ino this blogs specific situation.

before NBI today comment
Visitors 50/d 50/d Bloggers use RSS readers, search engines need time to index and pick up on increased popularity
RSS Subscriptions 9 33 That’s the important number. People will notice a new post on their reader, ignore, read or click through to comment
Twitter Followers 14 51 My Twitter account has only blogging related followers and I follow only gaming news and fellow bloggers
Spam 302/m 406/m 203 spam comments in May so far
Comments 20/m 22/m largely dependent on number of posts, and how often I’ll answer.
Trackback/ Pingback 1 4 4 in 2 weeks vs. 1 in 4 months
Inbound Links 800 total 1328 1073 links to the main page = blogroll links and 250 article links
RSS reader entries 15 161 And that list isn’t up to date, yet
Articles by NBI members 2540 Which makes you speechless
#nbimmo or #mmonbi 162 That’s the number of tweets containing either tag. including use of both tags and re-tweets. Call it 120 unique tweets

Some more remarks

Inbound links are difficult to interpret, since the main page links are most likely blog roll appearances, but Google sees those links on every single page of the blog, be it front page, archive pages or single article pages. Article links face other difficulties like links coming from dynamic blog rolls, like the one I am using myself.

In general I have to say that I’ve found my community. Getting into the newbie blogger initative made it pretty easy for me to find fellow bloggers, willing to interact with me. Of course, this would have happened eventually by following all blog rolls of my friends and following all comment authors on other blogs, but it would have taken 6 months or so.

Now I am looking forward to the second half of #mmonbi / #nbimmo

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