In a Rush: Soloing on Korriban

This guide is supposed to help you getting through Korriban as a Sith Inquisitor or a Sith Warrior as fast as possible, without leaving anything out. The guide will not describe every single step along the way, only things that should be done at certain points in the game. Quests that are offered along the obvious path should all be picked up and finished. They will only be mentioned if more explanations are needed or if there is some obstacle to overcome.


Once you are through the opening sequence, stop to set up your UI preferences, your key bindings and your quickslot assignments. Then run out into the valley, bind and kill a few slugs for the first bonus quest. Then head into the tomb and do the quest offered there. Otherwise, you won’t have money to train. Finish up the quests in the tomb and head to the academy. Don’t forget to bind on your way in.


Follow the class quest within the academy. Both classes will be sent to the lower wilds as their next step. See your trainer before you leave the building. Pickup and finish the Allegiance quest at the taxi stand before you head for the lower wilds. By now you should be level 4 or halfway to level 5.

Lower Wilds

From the taxi stand a quest will lead you to Lord Renning’s camp. ┬áLord Renning’s quest will lead you deeper into the wilds. Stay on the right side of the canyon to pick up another quest from a datapad and continue following the right wall around a corner and a bit uphill to pick up your first datacron, a willpower+2 datacron. Finish all quests in the area, then hand in Renning’s quest. Leave the area using the taxi stand above the camp. There’s a bind point as well.

Back at the Academy

Back at the academy turn in the remaining quests. After the class quest, you can pick up 3 more quests: Jailbreak which leads you into he same area as your class quest, “Purity”, which has you checking 4 Sith academy members and “Blood Legacy”, which we will finish once we return. Scan the academy members inside the building, head to the taxi stand and finally to the shuttle to scan the last member. Pickup the “Armed and Dangerous” heroic quest from the mission board there. Across the shuttle behind a wall and looking into the canyon, you’ll find the endurance+2 datacron.

Into the Tomb of Tulak Hord

Right at the entrance to the antechamber you can get the heroic quest “The Hate Machine” and just after the imperial guards on the right wall, you’ll find a holopad with another quest. Pass through the antechamber with a little side trip to pick up your class quest items. Once inside the atrium, follow the path to the right, until you pass through an arch. To the left of the arch within a little hole is the next datacron with a red matrix shard. It is sometimes protected by a level 8 champion. Leave him alone and get him on your second pass through the tomb.

Continue to the archives to pick up the class quest items. Don’t forget the lore object behind the tablet and a potential treasure chest in the same room. Ignore the heroic quest. Remember, you want to solo this and you are level 7 right now. Not going to happen. Once outside in the atrium again, pickup the parts for the Jailbreak quest and continue to the machine vault. Rinse and repeat, get the class quest item, ignore the heroic quest, try to get a chest.

Once back in the atrium, wrap things up: make sure you have the jailbreak pieces, finished the bonus quest and got enough robots killed. You also should have been able to kill the Slave Rebellion Leader (lvl 6, Elite) on each pass through the atrium.


Turn in your quests. You might not be level 8 yet for “The Blood Legacy”, but you should be able to solo it anyway, just use your stuns or crowd control spells to get some rest for yourself. The force and health gained during those short breaks is usually enough to push the elite mob over the edge.

Tomb of Naga Sadow

By now you should be level 9 or close to it. Your class quest will send you into the Tomb of Naga Sadow for the last steps on Korriban. The problem is, Sith Warriors have now already Vette by their side, while inquistors have to fight their way in solo in order to find their companion Khem Val. On your way in, you pick up three more side quests and another bonus quests. Nothing more needs to be said about those.

For a Sith Warrior, the end of the class quest line and all side quests is straight forward, no further difficulties to be expected. The side quests require one more trip to the Tomb of Naga Sadow after turn ins at the academy.

The inquisitors face a couple of harder fights against level 10 droids marked strong, plus the final fight against Khem Val, before he gives in and follows you. You may die a couple of times on your way in. Keep trying or wait until you turn level 10.

Tomb of Tulak Hord Once More

Once you’ve finished up your class quest on Korriban, you can either go back right away to the two heroic quests in the tomb. You should be level 10 by now and those quest shouldn’t be much of a challenge anymore. Or, if you are overly careful, you can go to the fleet first and pick your advanced class and crewskills. By the time you’ve done that, you are already level 11. And now the heroics should be really easy.

Winding Down

In winding down I want to say just one more thing: Don’t obsess about gear. Pick up what you can, but don’t go out of your way to get that eighth Korriban Commendation for your blue chest piece. By the time you turn 13 you’ll have it replaced already, even as early as the next flashpoint. Plus, in this level range things really aren’t gear dependent. Also, don’t waste your money buying gear from the vendors.

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