In a Rush: Soloing on Tython

This guide will take you on a fast tour through Tython, from creating your Jedi character to the point where you are ready to pick your advanced class. It will not skipping any content or take any wild shortcut. It leads a Jedi Consular or Knight through the newbie zone, including the heroic quest and you’ll pick up three datacrons as a bonus. This is not a step-by-step guide. If you see a quest I didn’t mention on your path, pick it up. I will only point out key moments and places.

The Gnarls

Once you’ve taken the taxi from the start point, use the binding post. Your class quest will take you along a route where you pick up a side quest right away and another one a bit further along the path. Finish those quests. The class quest will eventually lead you to the Jedi Temple.

Jedi Temple

As you arrive at the Jedi Temple, bind and register at the taxi stand. On your way into the temple you will be offered the first “Combat Leadership” quests, if you are at least level 3. More will follow as you progress through levels and class quest. Now continue with your class quests, see your trainer and head toward Kalikori Village.

Kalikori Village

Once you arrive at the village, register at the taxi stand and bind as well. Pick up the side quests and move your class quest forward. Do the quest “The Thousand Steps” before you head out into the Flesh Raider territory. But make sure you are level 4 before you attack the level 5 elite in front of the tower at the end of the uphill path.

Within the Flesh Raider territory, near the first cave, you’ll find Bloodskin, a level 9 elite. Ignore him for now and come back later if you want to. Finish up your side  and class quests and return to the village for turn ins.

Jedi Temple

The Jedi Knight quest will send you from the Kalikori Village directly to Kaleth while the Consular quest has its next step at the Jedi Temple. However, Jedi Knights should stop at the temple nonetheless for training and the next step of “Combat Leadership”. On your way from the temple to Kaleth you can pick up two more side quests. You will eventually arrive at the forward camp “Elarian Trail”


One of the side quests has a stop at the Elarian Trail. Bind there and register at the taxi stand, than continue toward Kaleth itself. Within Kaleth you’ll be picking up one more side quest: “Flesh Eating Baby”. Finish your current set of quests within Kaleth. Then turn them in at the Elarian Trail and along your path to the Jedi Temple. Jedi Knights are actually being sent directly to the Kalikori Village by their class quest, but have to stop at the temple anyway for another turn in and to train. And everybody gets to do another step of “Combat Leadership”. Consulars are being sent to Kalikori Village after they’ve visited their master at the temple.

Kalikori Village

Jedi Knights will turn in their class quest here and pick up 2 side quests afterwards. One of those side quests was offered to a consular already at the temple. Thus, both classes should now have similar quests. A third side quest can be found when following the main path into Flesh Raider Territory. Make your way toward the Flesh Raider Cave finishing the side quests. Watch out for security chests along the path. There are a couple of hot spots. Both class quests continue inside the Flesh Raider Cave.

You’ll probably have to do the first step of the “New Recruit” quest still, before you can return to the village. This is a good time to use your fast travel option. Do your turn ins at the village. Jedi Knights have one extra step before they can continue to the Temple.

Jedi Temple

From the village continue to the temple for more turn ins, training and another round of “Combat Leadership”. Your class quest will sent you again to Kaleth.


At the taxi stand, pick up your heroic quest, but ignore it for now. We will solo it after we’ve finished the full class quest line. Head into Kaleth. You’ll see stairs leading around the corner into upper Kaleth. From there, go through a doorway (location=-620, 60) and climb the toppled pillar and find another toppled pillar on the top. Consulars actually have a stop for their class quest at the first doorway. Climb that one as well and you’ll see the red shimmer of a datacron in the distance (willpower+2, location=-640,-70). Now head back to either Kalikori Village or the temple, depending on your class.

Both class quests will send you back into the area of the Elarian Trail taxi stand, this time into the mountains. You’ll pick up another side quest at the taxi stand. Follow the path to the next step of “New Recruit”.  Below the signal fire is the entrance to a cave at (location= -31,20). This cave leads to another datacron (endurance+2). Return through the cave and finish the “Horranth Control” quest, then head into the Waterfall cave for the class quests, which will lead you to the forge.

The Forge

Jedi Conselors will have to enter the “Fount of Rajivari” before they can enter the caves to the forge itself. On the way to those caves, you’ll find “Grand Chieftain Keshk”, a level 9 elite for some extra loot. Further uphill, get on the ledge at (location=-135,1005) and jump onto the next higher grass patch. At the other end of this grass patch jump into the area below. Watch out for some more fleshraiders. You’ll find the last datacron(blue matrix shard, location=-90,920). Leave the area by running up a toppled pillar, across the wall and back past the Chieftain, now for real to the Forge cave.

Jedi Temple

Finish your lightsaber quest and, if you can, use fast travel to return to the Elarian Trail. Turn in “Horranth Control”, then head to the Kalikori Village to turn in “New Recruit” and finally return to  the temple. Most likely you’ll still have to do “Combat Leadership: Mark V”. Turn-in your class quest and see your trainer. If you don’t feel sure about being able to solo the heroic quest at this time, you can even go to the fleet, pick your advanced class and your crew skills and come back.

For the final heroic quest on Tython, head back to upper Kaleth and create havoc. At the end of the cave, you will also find a level 7 elite droid, for blue or green gear drops. Final turn in is again at the Elarian Trail.


The Jedi quest line on Tython is the most involved of all SWTOR class quests and will take a bit longer than the other newbie areas. To balance this a bit, there’s only one heroic quest. Don’t worry about the “lost” blue gear, by the time you are level 13, you’d be replacing it already with better gear, especially if you plan to go for the first flashpoint  “The Esselles” right afterwards. Similar, don’t obesess over not being able to get 8 commendations for your blue chest piece, things really aren’t that much gear dependent anyway. And don;t waste your money buying any equipment at in-game vendors while on Tython.

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