SWTOR Classes for the Undecided, Part 2

In this series of articles I want to describe what classes I’ve played, what I liked and what I didn’t like. Just let me remind you ahead of time, these are my likes and dislikes. Others will enjoy and master certain aspects and mechanics of the game much better than I do and others will hate my favorites. It’s really not an opinion on quality of the game. The quality of the game comes from presenting at least one or two ways a particular user can enjoy the game.

There’s one more thing that should be mentioned beforehand: I prefer melee over ranged and magic in games like World of Warcraft or Everquest 2, with the WOW hunter being the positive exception. I also prefer dps over healing and I have been seen tanking with my death knight. How this actually translates into my favorites for TOR remains to be seen.

Jedi Knight / Sith Warrior

A Jedi Knight was the first character I played in one of the beta weekends, but I did not return to them, favoring the Sith Warrior because of their companion Vette. Vette is certainly more interesting than T7-O1. As for the mechanics, a knight or warrior plays pretty much like a WOW rogue or Rift warriors and rogues. You build up to 10 points of focus through some abilities and spend the focus through some more abilities. Once you have picked your advanced class, you also gain centering (Jedi) or rage (Sith). Once you reach 30 units, you can enable a new powerful, but temporary buff. I don’t like having to watch short term buffs all the time, but that’s the way it is set up and it hasn’t been to much of an annoyance, yet.

As advanced classes, I picked a Jedi Sentinel. Jedi, because for a main character, I want to have alignment and faction match with republic and lightside and playing darkside as a Sith gives you some truly ugly choices. Taking the advanced dps class of Sentinel seems to be the easier choice as well. And it will be just more fun. If I end up creating a tank, it will be a trooper or bounty hunter.

As I’ve been playing a multitude of characters, one thing became obvious to me for all classes: There are probably to many abilities to be arranged in a tidy manner on the keyboard and the hotbars. At level 19, both center hotbars are full ¬†and grouped in a halfway decent order: focus builders / openers, finishers and others. From this point on, any new ability will create more chaos.

Likes: Force Leap and Sweep, Vette, Balance of DPS and staying power

Dislike: T7-O1, Rage and Center

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