SWTOR Overview to Sith Sorcerer and Jedi Sage Guides

The Sith Sorcerer and the Jedi Sage, although using light sabers are primarily casting classes. Both classes are able to heal and to deal burst damage through their Lightning or Telekinesis trees or using the Madness and Balance trees to deal periodic damage.

Here are a few guides I came across when researching the Sith Sorcerer and the Jedi Sage advanced classes. The SWTOR main forum hosts these guides for the Sith Sorcerer and the Jedi Sage. Both guides are nearly identical, having only translated the Sith and Jedi abilities and vocabulary. In the long run it’s probably easier to read the guide for the side you choose, since you’ll be much more familiar with the skill names.

The guides themselves contain an introduction of the class, details about the three skill trees, builds for various scenarios, more information about the companions, about equipment and crew skills.

Another set of great guides (PvE only) comes from sithwarrior.com, which wants to be the prime theory crafting site for SWTOR. There’s the Sith Sorcerer Healing Compendium, which of course is valid for Jedi Sage’s as well. Both, the Madness/Balance Sorcerer DPS Compendium and the Sith Sorcerer/Jedi Sage Lightning/Telekinetics Compendium follow SithWarrior’s standard format with ability descriptions, builds, how to play the build and how to gear.

This table lists the builds discussed in all guides. Builds named SW xxx are from sithwarrior.com , all others from swtor.com

PvE Healer Standard 32/7/2
Offensive Leveling 30/9/2
SW Healer 31/7/2
Standard 32/7/2
Offensive Leveling 30/9/2
SW Healer 31/7/2
PvP Healer PvP Standard 32/7/2 PvP Standard 32/7/2
PvE Telekinesis / Lightning Standard 3/31/7
SW 3/31/7 
Standard 3/31/7
SW 3/31/7 
PvP Telekinesis / Lightning PvP Standard 3/31/5 +2 PvP Standard 3/31/5 +2
PvP Balance / Madness Sever Force 3/7/31
Hybrid Telekinesis 0/13/28
SW Sever Force 0/7/31
SW Telekinetic Wave 0/13/28
SW Telekinesis Effusion 0/17/24
Creeping Terror 3/7/31
Hybrid Lightning 0/13/28
SW Creeping Terror 3/7/31
SW Chain Lightning 0/13/28
SW Lightning Effusion 0/17/24
PvP Balance / Madness PvP Sever Force 3/7/31 PvP Creeping Terror 3/7/31


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