Zombie Survival Tip: Stay Above the Fray

By Björn SöderqvistA while ago, I mentioned “safe climb areas”. These are things at or above chest level that are easily scalable in a hurry when being chased by a few Zombie strays. It’s always better to attack them quickly if spotted rather than running because the moans will attract a lot more, but if you have to flee being 4+ feet off the ground will give you a HUGE advantage to not just killing, but also vision to see what’s on the way. Tip; ALWAYS climb and check first. Then venture off, it should be a place to come back to IF the need arises, not something you run to when it does and “hope” you don’t fall through the unstable shed roof just to be trapped inside like a can-o-Campbell’s soup waiting to be popped open. (Again, careful planning.)



Photo by: Björn Söderqvist

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